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Join the Alexa Developer Office Hours hosted by Jeff Blankenburg on August 23rd at 12pm ET featuring Heidi Culbertson who will be talking about the Alexa Skills Challenge. You can attend the Office Hours on YouTube or Twitch.


How to submit your skill for certification in the U.S. Alexa Skills Store 

Remember: You must submit for certification before the hackathon deadline, but you do not need to complete the certification process. 

First, get prepared by checking the certification checklist. Then follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Developer Portal.

  • Navigate to the Alexa section by clicking Apps & Services and then clicking Alexa in the top navigation. This displays a list of your existing Alexa Skills.

  • Find the skill to submit in the list and choose Edit.

  • Note that there should be a green check mark next to each section. If any sections are missing the check mark, this means that at least one required field is not filled in. Review the section and complete all required fields.

  • In the “Testing Instructions” field, include #AlexaSkillsChallenge (this will help the team track submitted skills).

  • Click the Submit for Certification button. When prompted to confirm, click Yes.